Hi, I’m Beth and I am a 25 year old Master’s student studying with the Open University and living in Manchester, UK. When I’m not studying, I am working as a bookseller, reviewing books I have been approved for on NetGalley, or reading books I have chosen.

I enjoy reading Young Adult books, most recently though, any fantasy book has been getting my attention, with me currently making my way through the study series by Maria V Snyder.

I am in the process of also writing my own book, but that is a slow work in progress. But I’m hoping to add my writing journey in with my book reviews, so watch this space! As well as my own work, feel free to contact me if you need someone to beta read your story, or if you need someone to edit (check grammar, punctuation, spelling etc) then contact me and we can reach an agreement.

I can be found on: