Throne of Glass – A review

Okay, so earlier this week (or last, I can’t remember) I decided to brave one of the fantasy worlds created by the lovely Sarah J Maas. I dived into Throne of Glass with such high expectations, I mean, so many people like her books, so surely they must be worth reading. Plus I have most of the books so decided to put them to good use.

However, this was where my need to read the books died. I tried to give it a go, but after 24% through (on kindle) I felt bored and decided that it wasn’t worth pushing through. The book seems like it has promise, but seems rather immature? Celeana makes a big deal about her looks and being skinny and as someone who, well, isn’t, I felt like she was saying that was the only way skinny could be? I mean, Maas has a more…curvy character, but even then, I get the impression that Maas isn’t a big fan of bigger people. But that’s just my views on this point. I also get the feeling that being white is a big issue, as all the characters are white except the only one who doesn’t speak the “white” language (with her using her own language to mock people, like it’s building some distrust? I don’t know the right way to word things, but it’s one of the things that really put me off).

Secondly, what I read seems so similar to the Study series by Maria V Snyder that it just seemed unoriginal? Yelena and Valek are my favourites and I just kept thinking that Celeana and Chaol were a poor imitation of them? Also I could sense romantic relationship as soon as Celeana and Chaol were on the same page together. I just felt like it was very predictable.

Maybe I read this book at the wrong time, or I just wasn’t in the right mental state to read it, but it won’t stop me from going to her event in November in Manchester. I will also give the A court of Thorns and Roses series a try either later this year or the start of next. I am trying to keep an open mind that all of her books aren’t that boring/predictable.

Let me know how you guys found it, and if I am in the minority.

Talk soon x


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