Moxie – Jennifer Mathieu {REVIEW}

It’s common to see feminist issues in the news, or even in classrooms; such as wage pay gaps in big corporations, or schools worried about teenagers showing their bra straps. This book hopes to change this, and build a strong feminist movement in the process.

What is it about?

Vivian Carter is known as “the good girl” by her grandparents, and not the type of girl to stand up and cause a scene about things, but one day, she goes through a box from her mother’s past, and decides it is time to change. Vivian becomes fed up with the boys making inappropriate comments (make me a sandwich) and wearing sexist slogans on their t-shirts (great legs, when do they open?) just because they are the town’s football team. Whereas girls get pulled up for showing their bra straps or not being able to control their own bodies (such as breast size). So, one day, she makes a zine (not a comic!!!) and shares it around school anonymously, and things snowball from the first issue.


Vivian Carter – The kickass protagonist who stands up for what needs to be done. There were times when I didn’t like Viv, mainly when she went all gooey towards the middle of the book. I felt like I got to see her grow as a person, and I am hoping she keeps being the kickass feminist she is wanting to be.

Lucy Hernandez – Badass feminist from out of town, and my favourite character from the book. She knows that there is something wrong with the school, and cannot understand why nothing gets done, despite trying on her own to point things out.

Claudia – She originally thought that feminism was about hating men, but has come to realise that feminism is equality, and that she wants to fight for this equality. I think the character development for Claudia was probably the best out of the other characters.

Not only does this book focus on feminism, but also racism, and I think that’s something that needs to be highlighted. For example, the way young people of colour will get blamed more than their white class mates.

Just some of the quotes that stuck with me {Page numbers are taken from the ARC and may have changed in the published copy}

“…girls have to monitor their bodies and behaviours, and boys have the license and freedom to act like animals.” (p,110)

“…girls are a revolutionary soul force that can change the world for real.” (p.133)

“And you telling me not all guys are like that doesn’t really help me feel better. Because some guys are like that. A lot of them, actually.” (p.258)

“…is a guy, and he can’t ever know what it feels like to walk down a hallway and know that you’re getting judged for the size of your ass or how big your boobs are. He’ll never understand what it’s like to second guess everything you wear and how you sit and walk and stand in case it doesn’t attract the right kind of attention or worse, attracts the wrong kind. He’ll never know how scary and crazy-making it is to feel like you belong to some big Boy Monster that decides it can grab you and touch you and rank you whenever and however it wants” (p.259)

“All it is is girls supporting each other and wanting to be treated ike human beings in a world that’s always finding ways to tell them they’re not.” (p.282)

“I don’t know,” she answers. “The messed up thing is it could be almost any girl. But whoever it is, she’s telling the truth. I believe her with all my heart.” (p.301)

“I would say it was the look of someone who’s always been told he’s untouchable finally fucking realising he isn’t” (p.330)

Overall rating and feelings

I loved this book and 10/10 need to read this no matter your age, because anyone can learn from this book, and it is just amazing.

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