Pre-YALC and YALC day 1

Okay, so yesterday (thursday) I arrived in London, and at first I didn’t think I would be able to do this; be in London on my own, as I had a panic attack before getting on the tube from Euston because there were people everywhere. But I eventually told myself I just had to go up an escalator, and after that, I knew I could do it. Also, why are escalators so high up? like major anxiety about falling forward/backwards. The underground wasn’t made for people with anxiety. Add to that the potential anxiety that comes from being underground (roof caving in, out-of-control trains etc etc.)

However, I made it to the hotel safely and honestly felt so glad I made it after all. Thursday involved a trip to Camden, and then to china town with Lauren, Amy, and Becky, and I really have missed these girls! (Plus Lauren’s boyfriend). The chinese food was good despite taking ages to find a buffet! In the end we went to Hong Kong Buffet!


Today was so so so busy – from getting to the arena early-ish, to running after ARCs, I am definitely going to have sore feet for a while after. But from the moment I left the hotel, I felt happy; happy to be amongst fellow book lovers like myself! And today, everyone was so so friendly, and started conversations easily. It was such a good experience, and I was so glad to get the 3 day ticket!

Our plans didn’t turn out how we had thought, as we planned for talks, but that didn’t happen. Plus we made a new friend – Lauren! (A different Lauren) She is so lovely and we wandered round the stalls this morning, pretty much talking like old friends. There was plenty of room to sit around, with beanbags in one area, which were surprisingly difficult to get out of…

These are some of my favourite pictures from today:

I am already dreading the train back home, as I am wondering where everything is going to fit…

These are some of the amazing authors I met today; Laura Lam, Karen M McManus, Samantha Shannon, Lauren James, and Alwyn Hamilton.

But here are the goodies I got today!

ARCs – Samplers – Badges/Swag – Bags – Postcards/Notecards/Bookmarks

I am really excited to find out what tomorrow brings!

To be continued…

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