Radio silence is a real thing when you are dealing with a new job, your mental health, and juggling an online Master’s degree. I just don’t have the spoons to keep up with everything online. I am sorry, and I am trying to be a better blogger, but it is taking time.

So, in better news, YALC is this weekend and I leave for London on Thursday and I am so excited. However, the only book I have read in preparation is Strange the dreamer (major book hangover after reading it) and I am super excited to be meeting Laini Taylor again.I’m hoping that it won’t be such a big problem, because most of the time I will be fangirling anyway.

I am also going with such a lovely group of ladies, and it is all of our first times going to a book convention, and I am excited to be surrounded by even more bookworms (super excited!!) and making more bookish friends. It will be such a good experience and I am hoping my anxiety doesn’t let me miss out on too much, as I want to make the most of it while I’m there.

The main authors I am wanting to meet are:

Laini Taylor

Melinda Salisbury

V E Schwab (maybe especially with her negative ace rep)

Cat Doyle

Teri Terry

Lauren James

Laura Lam

Joanne Harris

Laura Lam

Non Pratt

Patrick Ness

and probably loads more authors that I have simply forgotten. I am looking forward to the suffragette event and other events and stalls and just soaking all the bookish stuff in, like it’ll be so good for my mental health.

I think the thing I am most worried about is the journey from Manchester to London and leaving the cats. But I’ve got this. I plan on taking uni work with me, as my assignment is slowly coming up to the due date (2nd august) and I’ve got the essay question left, but having the journals printed will be much more useful.

I am struggling to figure out on everything I need to pack – clothes, books, tech, other essentials etc. I am just worried that I will forget a book I would like to get signed, or my medication, or my laptop charger.

But if you see me there, come say hi! I want to meet as many people as my anxiety will let me. ❀

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