Moving has happened and we are back to having wifi! I am so glad that we have all managed to stick together, as being apart from my babes just wasn’t an option. I have also started the induction for my new job, and I am loving it! I went to the ward I was going to be working on and everyone (staff and some patients) seem lovely and I just need to get this MAPA training out the way and then I can get stuck in! My only sticky point is the travelling, but it is almost 2 hours where I am able to read, and I have powered through books these past two weeks.

Anyway, let’s get down to business (to defeat, the huns). so it is almost a month until YALC and I am completely unprepared. I haven’t read any of the books that I wanted to because I have stupidly started the mortal instruments series (however I am on book 4, and should be on book 5 by the end of today at least due to it finally raining!!! woo. Autumn baby and proud!).

I have made a list of all the authors I would like to meet, as well as those who are my top priority. I am looking forward to having a meet up with three special ladies whom I am YALC-ing with (Lauren, Amy and Bec), as well as hopefully meeting lots of other YALC bloggers.

I have made a list of everything that I will be taking; such as:

a variety of clothing e.g. summer, winter etc, as well as comfy as sin pajamas, because you’d be stupid if you thought I wasn’t going to have a lazy PJ day at one point.

books I want signed; series I want signed

camera, laptop etc

meds and toiletries

comfy shoes

I will be booking my train when I get paid at the end of this month, so will be having a variety of tickets, and hotel booking stuff

travel plans; a list of buses and underground trains

shops I want to visit while I am there e.g. indie book shops, quirky shops etc.

places I want to visit e.g. kew gardens and maybe some wiccan places too etc.

a notebook for writing vibes due to my wip being based around that area of London, and one for mental self-care due to being on my own and stuff

Spotty, my number 1

and probably a lot of other stuff as well, so I will be taking a small suitcase as well as a number of bags. Definitely going to feel like I am travelling for more than 4 nights (5 days).

I am however extremely excited to be meeting Laini Taylor again, as well as Mel Salisbury, and I am most excited to be out in the world on my own. My anxiety disorder has sort of kept me close to home and close to my boyfriend, and I honestly feel like this trip is me sticking my middle finger up at it.

no doubt I will be posting here more frequently due to internet, and if you are going to YALC, you should definitely drop by and say hi!


Stay safe x





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