Book talk with Laini Taylor

On the 12th April 2017, Myself and three other lovely ladies (Lauren, Bec, and Amy) went from Manchester to the Waterstones in Liverpool to see Laini Taylor for a book talk and signing. She spoke about Strange the Dreamer and her writing, and other questions put to her by the audience and the waterstones employee interviewing her.

She said she has no fears of pointed gates, despite it being mentioned in Daughter of Smoke and Bone and strange the dreamer, about people being killed by spiked gates. I found the links between the two to be an interesting point, and I look forward to reading Strange the Dreamer and searching for any more links.

After the chat, was the signing, and little did I realise how nervous I was to be meeting her. I messaged my friend in Australia, who adores Laini Taylor as much as I do, who said she was nice, and she really was one of the loveliest people ever.My legs were shaking and I was very excited to finally put my fears to rest.

When it came to the signing part, we had to sort of queue-jump as we were near the back and were starting to panic about getting the train home, as it was about an hour to manchester, and we all had journeys out of manchester as well. So we asked and got moved to nearer to the front.

I told Laini that I loved her and we spoke about Kristy, and had a picture together (see below) and I really am still riding the high from meeting her. I feel so lucky to have met her, and knowing that she will be at YALC this year, and that I won’t make such a tit out of myself is keeping me going.

laini taylor and me.jpg

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