So this morning before work my hufflepuff journal arrived in the grumpy hands of our usual post man. I was over the moon. 

Then I started to think about why I was over the moon, when gryffindor and slytherin journals had been available since 1st may 2015. 

When people said that Eddie redmayne and newt scamander were in hufflepuff and that we’d get more merchandise when the films came out, I was hopeful. But you know what merch came out? Fantastic beasts merch. 

The triwizard tournament that Cedric died in happened in 1994 (even though the film came out in 2005) and that was when we should have got the merch. Or at least at the same time as gryffindor and slytherin. 

But that’s not the real issue I am mad. I’m currently reading a book written by a white woman about POC. The fact it takes a lot of searching to find a book about POC by someone who is a POC is what I’m really annoyed with (okay and a little bit about my damaged badger pride)

I don’t really know what the point to this post is. Just that more Writers of colour need recognition. 


  1. ericarobyn says:

    UGH! I’m a fellow ‘puff and I totally hear ya. I walked by a giant Harry Potter themed display at a Game Stop today… There were a whopping TWO Hufflepuff related things- a watch (which I admit was pretty sweet) and a pair of socks in a 5 pack. 😦


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