Just another blog post…

Do you ever feel like you're spending your days just going through the motions, just doing what needs doing, in order to be a functioning member of society? I feel like my life has no direction, and despite telling myself that for lent, I was going to be giving up negativity, I am only two [...]

(just over) 1 year Blogiversary giveaway!

Hello!! So, I have finished spending time getting my blog up to scratch, as a result, I have realised that I have missed my 1 year blogiversary. In order to make things up to my blog, I have decided to host a give-away. To thank everyone who has decided to stick around, I have therefore [...]

Moving websites!

Okay, so I have been rather distant the past couple of weeks, mostly due to working, and also due to moving over my website to a self-hosted site. It all seems very exciting, especially as I am still learning how to manage it all with html and such forth. So, what has been happening since [...]

9 Books I am looking forward to in 2018!

Okay, so I have seen a couple of blog posts of people saying which books they are looking forward to in 2018, and I just want to give my most anticipated books some love and attention. So, firstly, and to no surprise to people following me, is Hero at the Fall by Alwyn Hamilton. It [...]

Guess who’s back. Back again.

So, it is 2018 and it feels like forever since I've spent time on here. I feel like I've been sucked into a black hole of some sort. Which might just be work, but who really knows? This year I am participating in #BeatTheBacklist because I really need to get on top of my tbr [...]

Hocus Pocus Book tag!

I was tagged by the lovely Amy to do this, so let's get going! THE RULES There are no rules. It’s YOUR blog. But it would be nice if you linked back to Never Not Reading (tag creator), and maybe the person who tagged you too. Share the love folks. Feel free to use the [...]

A Court of Thorns and Roses (so far…)

So, I am trash for this series, and I honestly cannot guarantee that my post will be spoiler-free, so if you have not read these books, or are reading them, and do not want to be spoiled, then please stop reading now. I loved these books from the start, and the emotional rollercoaster that was [...]

Goals for 2018

There are a number of goals for 2018 that I have decided to complete after putting them off for the previous 12 months: Read and review all netgalley books Coldmaker blog tour Participate in twitter book talks Become a regular blogger Go to more blogger events YALC 2018 Meet up with more Northern bloggers (if [...]

Bookshelf tour

I don't really know how these posts are meant to go, but here is my take on the bookshelf tour. With moving, I have been able to organise the bookshelves properly, and it is also nice having all the books back together. I have anxiety about a lot of things, but thinking of my books [...]

Caraval by Stephanie Garber

  Caraval came out on the 31st January 2017 in hardcover, and on the 30th November 2017 it came out in paperback. This gorgeous edition with red sprayed pages is exclusive to Waterstones. My review of Caraval can be found here. When the hardcover came out, Stephanie Garber came to Waterstones Deansgate. This was the [...]