The Last Dog on Earth – Adrian J Walker


Brief Synopsis:

Every dog has its day…

And for Lineker, a happy go lucky mongrel from Peckham, the day the world ends is his: finally a chance to prove to his owner just how loyal he can be.

Reg, an agoraphobic writer with an obsession for nineties football, plans to wait out the impending doom in his second floor flat, hiding himself away from the riots outside.

But when an abandoned orphan shows up in the stairwell of their building, Reg and Lineker must brave the outside in order to save not only the child, but themselves…

Goodreads rating: ✮✮✮✮ (4.22 stars)

My rating: ✮✮✮✮✮ (5 stars)


I am the type of person who watches Marley and Me not long after their cat (and BFF) gets put to sleep, so I was really not expecting much that would upset me from this book. However, I became so fondly attached to the very sweary dog known as Lineker, that tears were involved at times in this book.

This book seems somewhat more than a book, rather than the relationship between dog and human, and how one influences the other. This journey takes place in London in 2021 (and if the country does not become more accepting, could happen…), and Reginald (not Reg) takes us on a journey through London as he sees it.

Lineker is the main character in this book. Lineker has such a foul mouth and is such a…well, a dog, that I love him so much. I love how he views the world, and I love how, no matter what, squirrels will remain the enemy. I think Lineker is the character every story needs, and has made me want a dog as a pet even more.

Reginald. At times he would get on my nerves, especially when the orphan was concerned. But at the end of the day, he is a good man. His character development is probably the best in the book, and it helps explain the way in which grief can influence how a person behaves.

I have seen people complain about the language in this book. I mean, it is awful. But did they not read the blub on the back? (who buys a book without reading the back…?) As it does mention about a very sweary dog.

This book has destroyed my life, and I think you should all have your lives destroyed too.

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