An Evening with Sarah J Maas


It’s Manchester. It’s raining. I have left the house without my glasses and I am squinting looking at my phone as I stumble to Oxford Road, to the safety of a coffee shop. I manage to get my bearings, and then it hits me; tonight is the talk with the lovely Sarah J Maas. It seems like a life-time ago since I met her at Hay Festival in 2014 when she complimented my Simon and Baz t-shirt.

This brought back memories of queueing for YALC, and, if I am perfectly honest, I had not missed. The only thing that made it better was being in the company of my friends. There were people there which were behaving like children, as well as smokers smoking in a no smoking area. You’d imagine readers would be able to read signs as well as books? Apparently not.

Anyway, rant over. The staff at The DanceHouse were amazing at letting everyone in, and despite me not enjoying the Throne of Glass series (yes, I know Tower of Dawn (ToD) is part of that…), I was completely taken aback by the amount of sprayed copies of ToD. Enjoy this photo I tried to sneakily take…


The talk itself was eye-opening, and I learned so much that I did not know already. Such as the story of Sarah’s Jewish Grandma, and all the travelling she does, as well as the excellent friendship between Sarah and Charlie Bowater. This event would have been much better if Charlie did the interviewing, as the chemistry between Charlie and Sarah was amazing. It was nice seeing an author and artist complementing each other so positively (As seen by smiling faces below…).


From what I could gather from last night, there will be plenty of Maas books coming out, and maybe even some more Throne of Glass books in the future. My only issue is the smut? I’ve heard mixed things about how good she writes it, mostly negative, and I’m not sure how it is going to work with her younger readers. But I guess that is for her to decide. Plus she is pregnant! I am so happy for the Maas clan!!

Despite not getting a ticket for the signing afterwards, and there being a number of things to improve on, this was a decent event, and I do look forward to Sarah and Charlie doing more events together in the future.