Illumicrate Grisha-verse Unboxing



I have been waiting until a decent time before posting the unboxing of this box, to give people a chance for their boxes to arrive.

I wanted this box immediately from hearing about it on the twitter account of illumicrate, as I am a fan of anything by Leigh Bardugo, especially after hearing about the new series with the handsome Nikolai Lantsov -squeals-. I was not disappointed with the contents. There was a delay in this box shipping, due to an issue with one of the items, but when it did arrive, I felt like a kid at christmas.

So, let’s start the unboxing off with the beautiful tote bag with artwork by the amazingly talented Charlie Bowater and it is inspired by the Six of Crows duology. Charlie is an artist from the UK, and will be someone who I plan to buy artwork from in the future.

Next item is a candle by Book and Glow, and is called Midnight tales. This candle smells of pumpkin and autumn and what I imagine the cross over between autumn and winter would smell like. The candle is full size, and is gorgeous, with glittery wax on the top. It has to be one of my favourite items in the box, and it is gorgeous.

There is also a soap from Butter Bar Soapery, called Dirty hands, and is said to be as black as Kaz Brekker’s soul. I plan on using this when we eventually move into our new house, and I can make the most out of having a bath.

To go along with the pamper session with the soap is a lip balm from Literary Lip Balms called The Tailor, based around Genya, and smells lovely. I am looking forward to getting so much use out of this during the winter months.

The item that has given me the most pleasure though, is the Sun Summoner tea by T-OLOGY , as it is the item one of my cats has been after the most (I mean, cats and boxes?) and watching her get it out the box has been amusing. I have yet to try this, but I’m sure it is lovely, especially as it’s based around Alina from the shadow and bone trilogy.

However, you can’t have tea without a mug, and illumicrate have included this gorgeous enamel mug from Temporary Places. This mug is beautiful and will probably become a familiar prop in bookstagram photos.

To go with the Ketterdam design on the mug are three beautiful postcard prints by the talented Posternaut, and are designs based around the grisha-verse. The photo doesn’t do them justice because they are beautiful.

I am a big fan of socks, and knowing these are illumicrate exclusive make me all the more pleased to wear them. They are soft, and made from a thick material, and just feel like they would be the comfiest of socks.

I don’t normally like pins, as I’m always worried about losing them, but these two pins from Fable and Black are beyond beautiful. There is one from the shadow and bone trilogy, as well as one from the six of crows duology.

An item that seems to be making the rounds lately are book sleeves. This gorgeous sleeve by Sparrow + Wolf is something I didn’t know I needed. It is inspired by the three mythical amplifiers in the shadow and bone trilogy, with one side night and the other side day.

I am forever using bits of paper as book marks and dog-earing pages (seriously, if anyone comments on this I’ll pour hot tea over you) so getting a sturdy bookmark (or woodmark) is something I have been after for a long time. This design by Ink and Wonder is stunning, and will be something I will use for a long time to come.

I am also someone who writes notes and comments in books (not saying it will change now…) but for some people, a notebook is a must-have when it comes to reading and reviewing books. The exclusive notebook by Team BKMRK is based on the Language of Thorns novel, and will be something I wil fawn over for a while before using it.

Lastly was a copy of The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo. I have numerous editions of this book already, and I cannot wait to get stuck into this book. The artwork in the novel is amazing and it is just a gorgeous book. I am glad to top up my Bardugo fix before her novels about Nikolai Lantsov are published.


I am so glad I got this box, as there are so many bookish items I cannot wait to use, and some I will just drool over forever. Did anyone else get this box? What did you think of it?